My Story

Hi,my name is Vy. i am a 29-year-old Vietnamese woman. I have been making handmade products since I was a little girl and this is what I really enjoy doing. That’s why I have decided to share my leather products that I make with love and passion.

When i was eight years old, i began to be curious about my mom’s stuffs. One day, i tried to open a box which my mom hided behind the big mirror, I discovered a new world in the box. I remember the first crochet book which i saw, it was very old, the papers turned yellow and all the pictures were black and white. There were many patterns of hats, swimming suits, scrafts,… in the book but i did not understand at all. I only finished a square which i did not know what should it use for, but i really liked it and kept it for such a long time.


When i was in high school, i always got very good marks for art subsejcts like drawing, knitting, crocheting, hand stitching,… i wanted to join Design University but my mom did not agree, she wanted me to go to Languages University because it was her dream.
I made a lot of staffs to sell in University to earn money for my studies, crochet handbags, crytals and stones jewerly. I made wedding flowers for my cousins and my friends. I made wedding crystal jewerly for them too. One thing i learnt that everyone likes my products very much even i did not earn a lot of money for the staffs which i made but i made them with all my love.


Leather is my very new passion. One day, I bought online a leather passport wallet, I love to have handmade leather products – but most of them are very exspensive and just not affordable for a young vietnamese woman. Anyway, I bought this leather passport wallet, but when I received it, I was terribly disappointed because it was not produced properly enough. I decided to go to leather market, I bought a cow leather, light brown and I began to make the first leather product. Of course, it was a passport wallet and it was very nice, actually it was perfect, excactly the way I wanted to have it. I gave it as a present to my best friend, a Hungarian, she teaches English at the International School in Ho Chi Minh City. She was very happy and showed the present to her friends. One of them asked me to make a custom cellphone case, he draw on the paper how his cellphone case looked like. I finished his design in only one evening and drove to his apartment at 10:00PM to only give him the cellphone, i was so excited because the cellphone was very beautiful and of course my first customer was very happy. Two week later, he called me to order one more cellphone case and a men wallet.

My second customer is a Switzerland businessman. Actually he is my seafood customer. I showed the photos of Skinny Macaque to him to ask for the advices and then it was very nice, i received his email order, but not for seafood, he ordered one men wallet, one passport wallet and one iphone case, all of them are black.


I was so proud, not only that I had my first orders – on top of that the first Skinny Macaque products were products which I could send abroad, all the way from Asia to Europe. The response of the Swiss customer was also very positive. He also mentioned on Facebook about Skinny Macaque products. I received more orders such as a messenger bag as a birthdays present for a young lady, a women wallet for a very successfull vietnamese business woman, an iphone 5 case for a tour guide.,…


I found out my love for hand stitched leathers, feel very happy to make the products, very happy to see my customers are using them. Everything is changing for me but one thing has not changed and never change – Each product is handmade, made with all my love.From Skinny Macaque with Love!


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